Real Estate & Property Management


Personalized services is what sets Melco's RealEstate Services apart from the others. We are always available and take the time to listen so that we can we help you attain your goals with your real estate ventures.

Melco provides all materials, supplies, labor and equipment to manage real property. These services are performed in accordance with state and local laws. The major work elements of the performance of work statement are:

  • Real Estate Brokering
  • Real Estate Valuations
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management & Marketing
  • Real Estate Owned (REO) Management & Disposition
  • Compliance & Due Diligence
  • Non-Profit Organizations Alliance

MELCO provides a full service of Real Estate Services and Property Management for various properties and assets nationwide.

MELCO offers asset management, property management and marketing services to government agencies, lenders, servicers,investors, and other institutions. MELCO specializes in distressed assets, assisting our clients in the stabilization, repositioning, and disposition of all classes of real estate assets.

MELCO has provided various real estate services for public and private sector clients for over 20 years. MELCO markets and manages real estate owned portfolios held by government agencies, financial institutions, servicers, and other clients. Also, MELCO has performed nationwide leasing services for various clients for over 20 years.

In support of MELCO's Asset Management Services, REO Management and Sales, Portfolio Sales, and Real Estate Appraising Consulting Services, MELCO has performed Due Diligence on many assets of every class.

MELCO has built its reputation by working with each client as a partner. MELCO strives to assist clients with their particular problem or concern. MELCO provides the best solution tailored to meet the client's objectives.