Margaret Fisher – Biography

Margaret has guided organizations and coalitions through successful transformation and development projects for twenty years.  Through her dedication to customer satisfaction and understanding of organizational change, she has directed innovative member-focused solutions that also produced significant cost savings.  With extensive experience in the Department of Defense, she recently facilitated organizational transformation efforts in the implementation of its strategic plan.  She has led strategic planning processes for a number of organizations, including the United Nations Year of Ecotourism, World Vision, Cigna Healthcare and the National Center for Tobacco Free Kids.  She provides leadership development programs for organizations that include the Office of Head Start Fellows and the Department of Energy.  In her leadership positions at AARP, she guided the Board of Directors through revolutionary shifts toward being more member-oriented and better prepared to address governance challenges.

She is a member of the International Association of Facilitators, serves on the board of the Washington Improv Theater and the Foggy Bottom Association, and holds a Certificate in Organization Development, a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in History.  Margaret is certified to administer both Myers Briggs and Herrmann Brain Dominance Instruments.


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